Blazer Wakeboard


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Never ending lake days have arrived, we're here to help you make the most of your summer. For experienced riders, looking to launch their airtime to the next level, the Blazer is the board to do just that. The aggressive 3-stage rocker profile allows the board to ride higher in the water and cut faster in the wake, for a more explosive pop, to stomp those big air tricks. The V-bottom base guarantees a soft and stable landing when launched out into the flats. The beveled edges provide a responsive ride, along with a dramatically reduced risk of catching an edge. The Blazer is the board of choice for those riders who are eager to take their tricks to new heights.


CTRL 3 Stage Rocker

TYPE OF RIDING: Boat and Cable Use

CTRL Boat Cable Ride Type


  • 2 Screwed Fins + 4 (molded) and Full Length Channels
  • Fiberglass / Epoxy Construction 3-Stage Rocker with soft V-bottom for soft landings
  • Bevelled edges
  • 6" Hole Pattern