CTRL Blueprint Wakeboard Mens


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The younger sibling to the Supreme, the Blueprint represents a mellow, softer ride than its elder counterpart. Want to just get out on the water and have a more relaxed day at the park or behind the boat? Then this board is for you. The Blueprint holds all the attributes for what a fun and flexible board should be. Its fast, edgy, skate like ride is responsive edge to edge with a strong and fluid feel that holds speed with some stunning pop. We finished the Blueprint off with our Tuff Slider Sintered Base to protect the board when you need it most on rails, launch ramps, and boxes. Traditional foam core. Lightweight wood foam core. 4 removable nylon fins. Deep grooved channels for traction and control. Non-obstacle board: not meant for riding kickers, sliders, or other obstacles. Rocker: 3 Stage. Type of Riding: Boat and Cable use.