Highland Wakeboard


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Highland Wakeboard
Highland Wakeboard

The Highland wakeboard is for the rail and cable rider who needs a softer, more playful flexing board. The combination of the continuous rocker profile and 45-degree micro edge bevel means that you can butter and jib this board all you want without worrying about catching an edge. The sintered enduro base provides the rider with a smooth glide and durable surface, ideal for jibbing rails and sliders. Whether you're lapping the cable park or hitting some homemade jibs behind the boat, the Highland will keep you eagerly coming back for more.


CTRL Continuous Rocker

TYPE OF RIDING: Cable Park Use

CTRL Cable Ride Type


  • Sintered Enduro Base
  • All Wood E-Core
  • Full ABS Sidewall
  • 45 Degree Micro Edge Bevel
  • Continuous Rocker
  • Diamond Tip & Tail
  • Flat Base Profile
  • M6 Inserts
  • Fins: 4 - .7 inch Feature